Initial Evaluation

An ABC Licenced and certified practitioner will conduct an evaluation of your condition and the orthotics and prosthetics service you require.


The practitioner will ask you questions about the nature of the condition that leads you to need an orthotic or prosthetic device. 


The more information our practitioner has, the more effective they will be in creating the most appropriate device for your needs. We will endeavor to assure that the practitioner who sees you initially will continue to see you for the duration of your visits.


After the practitioner has completed the initial evaluation, he or she may cast or measure you for the device that you need. The practitioner will cast you by taking an impression of your limb or residual limb . Once the negative mold has dried sufficiently it will be gently removed.


On your way out of the office you will make an appointment for the next stage of fabrication.


We will determine if the device constructed for you fits and functions properly.

Depending on the nature of your device you may be fit, evaluated and able to leave the office with your device.


Prosthetic devices are complicated and require more in depth adjustment. 


It is important to follow up with your practitioner for all orthotics and prosthetics services.  All follow up appointments are part of the reimbursement of the device and are important for the health of your limb and your safety.

A prosthetic socket will normally require replacement when one of the following takes place:


1.  The socket is worn out and/or cracked or discolored. Usually a socket will last 2-4 years depending on your activity level.

2.  The socket no longer fits.

3.  There is a change in the size of your residual limb.

4.  You’ve had revision surgery. 

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